Chili’s Skillet Queso Dip

Copy cat Chili’s skillet queso dip!...This is SO, good and super easy. Now that football is back this is the perfect quick Monday Night Football game app!...Cut the @cutdacarb flatbreads […]

Truffle Arugula Stuffed Crust Flatbread

Stuffed crust Truffle Arugula flatbread with a spicy cream cheese sauce and mushrooms for #meatlessmonday !...This is definitely my favorite flatbread combo these days, I don’t think I’ll ever get […]

Curry Pork Loin

Vindaloo curry pork loin, with a cucumber raita, curried beets, and low carb cheese ‘naan’....This marinade was so easy so so good, I also used it for chicken as well. […]

Crispy Curried Golden Beets with Ricotta

Crispy curried golden beets, with a ricotta coconut cheese sauce. Topped with cilantro and pickled red onion....These were a tasty side to go with dinner last night, and I will […]

Sous Vide Pesto Pork Chop

Sous vide Pork Chop with basil, garlic sauce, topped with parmesan. Served with a side Caesar salad with home made low carb croutons 🥗....I loved cooking this meal, the sous […]

Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza Pockets

Pepperoni pork pizza pockets for lunch today, with @cutdacarb wraps...Say that name 10 times fast 🤣 ....I used some of our leftover pesto pork chop, added pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni […]

Low Carb Cheesy Chile Verde Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken and cheese enchiladas made with @crepini_healthywraps with a side Mexican Caesar salad...Filling:-3 sous vide chicken breasts.-1 can of diced green chili’s.-1/2 a yellow onion.-3 cloves minced garlic. -green enchilada sauce. […]

Low Carb Barbecue Chicken Salad

BBQ chicken salad made with @ghughessugarfree bbq sauce. ...-Romaine tossed in Ranch.-Chicken breast tossed in bbq sauce, I also added a little sriracha for some heat . -chives.-pickled red onion.-shredded mozzarella.-avocado.-cilantro.-cherub […]