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Keto Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Flatbread Pizza

Buffalo chicken stuffed crust flatbread with a creamy blue cheese sauce.



In honor of world pizza day today, and football playoffs on to watch, I decided to make this delicious pizza.

I sort of wanted wings but has some rotisserie chicken to use so this was what I made.



Crust 2 @cutdacarb flatbreads with melted mozzarella in the middle like a giant quesadilla.



The sauce was melted cream cheese, a little butter and blue cheese crumbles.






-Rotisserie chicken tossed in @franksredhot buffalo sauce.

-Red onion.

-Green onion.

⭐️Bake until cheese is melted at 350°. About 10 minutes.

Then add:

-Blue cheese crumbles.

-Small pieces of avocado.

-Drizzle more @franksredhot  over top.

-Drizzle ranch over top and serve!


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