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Pumpkin Shaped Caprese Salad

Pumpkin Shaped Caprese Salad

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are October’s”
-L.M. Montgomery.
……And giant caprese salads shaped like pumpkins 



-1.25 pre sliced mozzarella log from Trader Joe’s.
-Sliced heirloom tomato.
-Pesto sauce (TJ’s as well)
-Kalamata olives.
-Balsamic glaze.
-1 Persian cucumber.
The amount of cheese and tomato you use really depends on how big your starting circle for the pumpkin is.
I used a pizza paddle from @surlatable , cut a piece of parchment paper in a circle, (slightly smaller than the pumpkin size so you can’t see it)
-Evenly lay out the cheese on the board, then spread pesto all over with a spoon.
-Add the tomato slices.
-I finely chopped the olives and shaped them in to triangles for the face. The olives weren’t really dark enough to stand out so I used some balsamic glaze to darken up the features a bit.
-Slice the cucumber and shape at the top like a stem.

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