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Happy Pumpkin Eggs in Bell Peppers

Happy pumpkin eggs in bell peppers, with some candied bacon from my last post


For the peppers:
-I sliced the bell peppers long way, and then scooped out the seeds.
**make sure you use a VERY sharp knife to get a clean cut, also cut the pepper so it’s wide enough to hold the whole egg*
-Separate the egg whites from the yolks.
-In a non-stick skillet with a low-med flame, spray some cooking spray ( I used ghee from Trader Joe’s).
-Cook the peppers for about 45 seconds per side.
-Then add in an egg white.
-Cook this with a lid on until the egg white is mostly cooked thru (about 3 minutes) and then add in the yolk.
-Cook this with the lid on for another 1.5-2 mins for a runny yolk.
**if you want a hard yolk you can just put the whole egg in the pepper all at once in the beginning.**
For the face:
-I used cooked turkey bacon to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth shapes. Deli Ham pan fried quickly can be used for this too.
Candied bacon for the side!

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