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Spinach Artichoke Dip

Spinach artichoke dip with green chilis, and @cutdacarb chips.
Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor, and skip the green bean casserole this Thanksgiving, and bring this instead!!
I’ve brought this dip to several events in my life and there are NEVER any leftovers. You will be the fave family member, and the best part is it’s so easy




🔸2 bricks of cream cheese (16oz.)
🔸1/4 cup of mayo.
🔸1/4 cup sour cream.
🔸1/2 cup shredded or flaked Parmesan cheese. .
🔸1-6oz bag of fresh spinach(or frozen).
🔸5 cloves minced garlic.
🔸1 tsp  @lawrysseasoning garlic salt.
🔸1 can artichoke hearts. Drained. Rinsed and chopped.
🔸1 can diced green chilis. .
🔸2 tbsp melted butter. .
🔹Set aside 1/4 cup of Parmesan to sprinkle on the top at the end. .
🔹microwave spinach and cream cheese for about 1.5-2 mins to heat it enough to be able to mash up cream cheese easily, and cook a little water out of spinach.
🔹Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. 🔹sprinkle Parmesan on top. .
🔹put mixture in to a 9×13 Pan. I like this size because it makes a thinner layer of the dip to cook. You can use a smaller pan if you want dip to be thicker. .
🔹Bake at 355 for about 20 mins. Or until top cheese is browned. .
🔹For the chips I cut a flat bread in to 24 triangles and lightly pan fried until golden brown. **if you don’t have flatbreads just buy your favorite low-carb tortillas at the grocery store to serve with!

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