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Taco Egg White Omelette

Taco Egg white omelette.
Love this breakfast, and it’s super healthy. I had some left over taco meat so I made it in to breakfast today


-1/3 cup of broccoli slaw from @traderjoes.
-3/4 cup egg whites.
-1 chopped up green onion.
-About 1/3 cup of cooked turkey burger taco meat.
-2tbsp chopped red onion.
-Chreub tomato.
-heat up a small pan to medium heat, I think mine was about 6-7 inches. @scanpanusa .
-Use a good amount of cooking spray(I used ghee/sunflower) it is great for omelettes.
-sauté the broccoli slaw and green onion for about 2 mins.
-Add a little more spray and then add the egg whites.
-Cover with the lid for about 2-3 mins, while the egg whites cook.
-Once eggs are mostly white use a spatula and let the rest run to the sides to cook.
-flip it to the other side(if you don’t want to flip cut it in 1/2 with the spatula and flip 1/2 over at a time.
-I usually turn the flame off and let it sit for one minute.
Add the onion, meat, cilantro and tomato.
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